"*side effects include: your man making heart eyes 😍 at you when you show him a sneak peek. increase in self-confidence. feeling like queen bey. 💁🏽"If you, like me, have been wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot but keep putting it off because your skin isn’t so flawless or you’re a little heavier than you think is “ideal,” I promise you: you’re so wrong. You’re beautiful the way you are and Ashley and her boss lady squad will get you looking and feeling your best!!! Need help with outfits? She’s got suggestions for days. Need help with confidence? Trust me, she’ll tell you how wonderful you look in your most vulnerable state: half naked in front of a stranger! Don’t worry! I promise, she’ll make you feel flawless and give you direction and coaching to let your best self come forth. She’s a friggin’ miracle worker and it made it SO hard to pick just 25 images for my book. Do it for you. Now. Stop putting off the self-love. You are a beautiful creature now.* 


location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma