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Did you know I hear the same hesitations from women about why they haven’t book their boudoir shoot yet? Well, its true! I’m going to walk you through the 8 most common insecurities and tell you why you shouldn’t wait any longer to book your boudoir shoot!

1. I need to lose weight / My body isn’t ready.

Did you know that 70 out of 119 women I heard from said they needed to lose weight/ they didn’t believe their body was ready or had confidence issues and therefore have not booked a boudoir shoot? My mind is blown! I’m here to tell you today that all these negative things you have told yourself about doing a boudoir shoot is a lie!

Throw that scale away. Stop feeding yourself self-doubt! You don’t the scale. You know why? because that number does not define you. The lies you tell yourself aren’t true. That number on the scale doesn’t tell you how beautiful or sexy you are. I promise that you do not need to lose weight to look good in your photos! I am an expert at posing you in a way that will be flattering for who you are today, right now.

2. There’s no way I could look sexy in photos like that.

Would you believe me if I told you that you are sexy. Right now, today, as you are? Probably not right? Well, having a boudoir shoot is actually part of self discovery. I’ve never felt as beautiful as I did after my very own boudoir session. I discovered a part of myself that I never knew was there. I’m here to help you in every aspect, I will demonstrate every pose for you before you try, we can laugh about how silly I am together! I will also help you with your facial expressions, where to place your hands and where to look! Don’t believe the lies that you’ve told yourself. You are Sexy af.

3. I don’t wear lingerie. It’s not my thing.

Hey, cool! I’m okay with that! But guess what, I’ve got other ideas for you! You aren’t going to get away that easily!

You’ve got a gorgeous bod, why wear clothes? Also, there’s some amazing alternatives out there such as that gorgeous leather jacket you own. Have you thought about that crop top that your hubby likes? Your favorite flannel, a pair of jeans, classic sport bra & panties? What about an oversized sweater, a kimono, or a blanket. Have you thought about a costume? There are so many ways to incorporate who you are into a boudoir shoot. This is just the surface!

4. I love lingerie but I don’t own any. I don’t even know where to start.

I’ve got you covered babe! I send out a welcome and prep guide to each and every client. In there is a long list of places to shop, even for my gorgeous curvy babes! Not only do I recommend local and online places to shop I also have a client closet that you’d have access to during your session that has a variety of sizes.

5. I have no one to give my photos to.

Did you know that I like to hear this hesitation? Because I love to tell women that a boudoir shoot isn’t done to give to someone else, it is actually most importantly for you! That’s right, you read that right! It’s time to pamper and spoil yourself and learn to fall in love with yourself all over agin! Go on, do it! Let the journey of self-love and self-discovery begin!

6. I’m too old to do a boudoir session.

This is another one I love to hear… as long as you are alive and breathing there is no such thing as being to old. In fact, the older women that have come into my studio for their sessions have absolutely rocked it! We’ve had so much fun together. I love how they love themselves. Their bodies have taken them through the most incredible things and I love when they share their stories with me. #selfcare is the best care at any age!

7. I don’t like my stretch marks/ my cellulite/ or my stomach.

Here’s the deal, we all have stretch marks and cellulite. We have stomachs that have birthed babies, and stomachs that carry scars. Did you know that this is the most beautiful part about you? When you learn to embrace who you’ve been created to be there is absolutely no stopping you. If you are adamant about removing your stretch marks it can be done, but keep in mind, you are gorgeous the way you are, babe! Also, outfits play a huge role in this area. If you are uncomfortable with your stomach, try a body suit! They are so flattering and photograph so well!

8. There’s no way I could afford a boudoir shoot.

We as women get into the habit of feeling like we shouldn’t spend money on ourselves. We pour so much into our families and friends and the world around us that we forget how to care, love and nurture ourselves. So I encourage you to join me on the journey of self love and discovery. Booking a boudoir shoot is a perfect way to start the process. I promise once you do one session you won’t be able to wait to come back! Plus, I offer payment plans on all of my packages for up to 6 months.

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