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I am so incredibly excited to share Michaela’s empowering boudoir photos with you all! She is quite the firecracker. You’ll see the confidence she carries and how empowered she was during her boudoir session. She is pure fire. From the moment she walked in through the door I don’t think we stopped laughing and enjoyed every minute of her session. You see, Michaela’s session was one of my first sessions in MY brand new studio in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City! I was pumped to be in a new space that I could call my own. However, thanks to Oklahoma’s weather, we had some severe storms roll through the night before, which knocked the power out at my studio. I knew I could still make it work because I had more than enough amazing light to photograph her beautiful soul… but there was one hiccup! Hot tools need electricity. While Celeste and Jessie were so incredibly accommodating for hair and makeup we formed a plan! We pulled my car close up to a window and ran an extension cord to my a/c adapter plugged into my car! We had power! It was quite the sight, but despite the hiccup, this babe SLAYED her boudie session!

Empowering women to see their beauty and their worth is one of my greatest passions as a boudoir photographer. Not only are her boudoir photos classy, but they are also sexy! Michaela said “If you, like me, have been wanting to do a boudoir shoot but keep putting it off because your skin doesn’t look so flawless or you’re a little heavier than you think is “ideal” I promise you— you’re so wrong. You’re beautiful the way you are and Ashley and her boss lady squad will get you looking and feeling your best!!! Need help with outfits? She’s got suggestions for days. Need help with confidence? Trust me she’ll tell you how wonderful you look in your most vulnerable state; 1/2 naked in front of a stranger?!?! Don’t worry! I promise, she’ll make you feel flawless and give you direction and coaching to let your best self come forth. She’s a friggin’ miracle worker and it made it SO hard to pick just 25 images for a book. Do it for you. Now. Stop putting off the self-love. You are a beautiful creature now.
*side effects include your man making ????heart eyes at you when you show him a sneak peek. Increase in sself-confidence Feeling like Queen Bey. ????????‍♀️”


Michaela’s Empowering Boudoir Photos

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