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Did you know that there is no right or wrong reason to do a boudoir session??? That’s right, I said it! Anyone can do a boudoir session. They are for women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and age. You can see, Becca made the decision to do a boudoir session for herself. She said “This is one of the greatest decisions I could have made”.

Becca’s reaction to her boudoir photos is one that will always stick out in my mind. Her love for her photos is what every single photographer dreams of every single time they deliver photos. For me to see the joy and the overwhelming happiness; as well as their love for what my team put so much effort into creating and perfecting is one of the greatest gifts on earth.

With every single boudoir session as an Oklahoma boudoir photographer I strive to show women how incredibly beautiful, unique, and amazing they are. You are not like everybody else! You are worthy, beautiful, fierce and powerful.

Becca came in feeling both nervous and excited for her session. Jessie Jones did her hair and makeup. During that time we all took the time to chat and laugh with each other; which is one of my favorite parts of your session, because I want to get to know you! She left her session feeling amazing and with a whole new attitude and a “nothing can stop me” look on life. I am so incredibly thankful that she took the leap to trust me with such a vulnerable experience to make a life changing decision.

I asked Becca what advice she would give to her girlfriends about doing a session and she said “Just do it! It doesn’t matter the reason just get out there and show yourself how beautiful you already are.” I second every word she said. Self-love should always be one our priorities. I know so many times as women we put ourselves on the back burner because of work, money, or our children, and let me be the first to say that I will work with you so that you can do this! You deserve it babe!

Now check out Becca’s gorgeous session!


Meet Becca!

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